Blog Archives - Political Watch: Month In Review
Candidate Barack Obama said that, "...The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation...." However President Barack Obama sent American planes into Libya to destroy Libyan air defenses without consulting Congress. Some would see this as a unilateral delcaration of war. Do you think Obama should be impeached?
"Gov. BIll Haslam in his first State of the State address, urged lawmakers to work together to continue reducing the size of government as Tennessee recovers from the country's worst recession in generations." His new $30 Billion budget includes over $100 Million in cuts, but it gives state employees a 1.6% pay raise. Of course this is based on an assumption that the Tennessee economy will grow by 3.65%. Only time will tell.

After several years of concerned citizens telling the Blount County Commission that it needs to cut spending, they still don't. Mayor Mitchell has taken a 12.8% decrease in pay (but still makes over $100,000/yr) but it's a nice gesture. He's asked that all other departments do the same. Every month since the new, all-Republican commission has been in charge, we have seen budget increases. What makes us think they'll finally start listening?
It seems, once again, that gas prices are increasing. Some say it's because of the unrest in the MIddle East and that to fix the situation we need to increase the gas tax so we can end our dependence on foreign oil. But with the billions of taxpayer dollars the government is using to subsidize oil companies, how will this situation ever improve?