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It seems that HR 3534, which passed the House, will transfer ownership of the U.S. coastline to the United Nations. This horrible legislation will submit America to a U.N. treaty agreement and it contains some cap and trade regulations. You can read the bill here.

Our politicians keep giving more and more of our freedoms away
The vacant seat from District 1 has been filled by Tab Burkhalter. He is an attorney that doesn't pay his taxes. Even though he paid them after Commissioner Folts called him on it during the last meeting, it's troubling that the Commission voted for him while he was delinquent.

Just goes to show you that character doesn't matter when it comes to the Blount County Commission...
Banks ask the Supreme Court to withhold documents that show how much "emergency" funds they have received from the federal government.

FTA - "'Disclosure of this information threatens to harm the borrowing banks by allowing the public to observe their borrowing patterns during the recent financial crisis and draw inferences -- whether justified or not -- about their current financial conditions,' the group said in its appeal."

It would "harm" the banks? Just what did these banks do that is so bad? Isn't it an investor's right to know how a bank is doing before they do business with it?
Next Tuesday is election day! Did you know there are 13 candidates for governor? Who do you think should win?
How long are we to tolerate the infringement of our liberties?