Blog Archives - Political Watch: Month In Review
In October the US economy added 151,000 jobs in the private sector. While this seems like good news, it's been said this needs to be a monthly occurrence to do any good. This article also talks about the Federal Reserve buying $600 million in Treasury bonds in order to lower interest rates. It seems at this point that the Fed has no idea what it's doing and that it just throw hundreds of millions of dollars of your grand kids money at stuff just so it looks like they're trying. All the while our national debt keeps on rolling...
You brush your teeth with it. You drink it in your water. You take baths and showers in it. You cook your food in it. And it's killing you.
It seems that San Francisco lawmakers have too much time on their hands. They have passed regulation which prevents restaurants from supplying toys with their unhealthy meals. So much for parents deciding what's best for their children. Apparently the city's Board of Supervisors (did you know that freedom came with supervisors?) also require that meals have fruits and vegetables. So eat healthy or go to jail!!