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Down at the General Services Administration, it's a real party! In fact, they spent $835,000 of taxpayer money in Las Vegas to plan a convention. But, hey, it's only money. The government can spend all it wants, you'll make more...right?
The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act has passed the House and is on its way to the President (John Duncan voted yes). This bill gives incentives to private companies to share your personal information with the government.

More on CISPA here.
There are many people who believe that mankind is responsible for climate change. They have used declining polar bear populations as proof that government must intervene. However new studies are being published that say polar bear populations are growing. I wonder if these same people will now fight government intervention...
The Supreme Court recently upheld that strip searches, even for minor offenses, would be allowed. It's things like this that make the law respected less and less.
We can no longer depend on our government to protect our Constitution.
From our "anti-war" president comes a war on the American people.
Want to know why Obamacare should be struck down by the Supreme Court? Read here for the answer.
New Mayor Ed MItchell appoints Jerry Cunningham to the Public Building Authority.  Why does that name ring a bell?

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Our vote counters have been outsourced.

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