Do you really think they'll cut spending? - Political Watch: Month In Review
After several years of concerned citizens telling the Blount County Commission that it needs to cut spending, they still don't. Mayor Mitchell has taken a 12.8% decrease in pay (but still makes over $100,000/yr) but it's a nice gesture. He's asked that all other departments do the same. Every month since the new, all-Republican commission has been in charge, we have seen budget increases. What makes us think they'll finally start listening?
former electronic journalist
3/9/2011 13:34:27

it concerns me that you both think that commissioner folts is the only "real" commissioner and that the voters in his district that elected him are the only intelligent voters in blount county. the election process also worked in the rest of the county and 20 other commissioners were elected by citizens who cared enough to exercise their right to speak through the ballot box.

3/10/2011 04:01:56

@former electronic journalist - Thanks for your comment!

I don't think we've stated that Commissioner Folts is the only legitimate commissioner. Commissioner Folts has voted for some spending increases with which I disagree. But it seems that Comissioner Folts is one of the few that does some research, speaks up, and asks questions.

And while I agree with you that intelligent Blount Countians cast their one vote for their candidate of choice, I also believe that the same voters were fooled into thinking Republicans are fiscally responsible.

3/16/2011 13:38:26

Can't we have Reagan's face put on the Blount County flag? Fiscal responsibility requires that we elect only Southern Baptist republicans that drive very large king cab pick-up trucks.

4/25/2011 00:53:52


thank you for your post! Yes, we do talk highly about Folts a lot. I believe it is (1) because I know him personally, and (2) because he has been one of the commissioners (along with Pitts-Reeves of the previous commission) who has tried to keep in touch with his/her constituents by posting meeting notes month by month. Like Jay, I don't agree with everything Folts does either, and in the future, you may hear us do some more balanced coverage of his voting record. Thanks again!

4/25/2011 01:00:17

@ way out:

Ditto. It's clear that the Repubs rule in this county. I consider myself a Republican, however, that does not mean that I must blindly go along with the status quo and not question the establishment. I suggest you do the same.


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