"New" Blount County Commission? - Political Watch: Month In Review
September 16, 2010 - The newly elected Blount County Commission had their first meeting on September 16th. Now that we have 20* (21?) fiscally conservative Republicans, we can finally get some progress on tackling our debt, right? Not so fast. One of the first things these "fiscally conservatives" did was to increase the budget by $42,000 for a parking lot for the sheriff. Folks, Blount County is already $250 million in debt with a $60 million balloon payment due in June of 2011. What do you think about your commissioner now?

*Jim Folts and Peggy Lambert were not in attendance
Derrick Harmon
9/23/2010 23:19:07

As long as you are spending someone else's money it doesn't matter how much you spend especially when you know that the people whose money you are spending will do little if anything about it.

This is why I am excited to actually have a fiscal conservative like Jim Folts on the county commission; but sadly, I think he is terribly outnumbered. I may not have agreed with the three democrats on social issues; however, I do believe that Reeves and Ballard were more cautious and conservative in spending the taxpayers money. It is sad to see them go.

Moreover, the federal government, I believe, has set a spend,spend,spend tone for the rest of our nation. The federal government is the local governments "role model," if you will. It seems like they have not modeled fiscal conservativism to the nation and therefore our little county follows suit.

I am shocked that our county has already spent $42,000 on more "sheriff stuff"; however, I am not surprised. The sheriff is a republican and he will get pretty much whatever he wants, same thing for Mayor Mitchell.

The only solution to the terrible spending habits of our county commission is to continue to have elections like we have had in this last primary where independents got sizeable chunks of the vote, and to continue to put pressure on them by making phone calls and showing up that the county commission meetings (ouch!); thereby we allow the CC to know that we are watching them, and like Jay and me do: report them each month!!!

So, strike one for this new county commission.

9/24/2010 08:19:30

Remember - this money is coming from a pot of money that the PBA owes the county
I'm not holding my breath until NC sees it


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