No Representation - Political Watch: Month In Review
Despite a majority of Blount Countians disapproving of the Pellissippi Parkway Extension, our Mayor and Commission suggest "Route A" to TDOT.

Fifteen of our Republican commissioners voted to override your property rights and authorize Eminent Domain.
11/1/2011 12:18:03

i used to be opposed to anything that scarred blount county's farm land but the way the parkway ends at old knoxville highway is rediculous. the bottle neck it creates (mornings and afternoon) is atrocious. since farming as a business has declined i say take the 100m (it's our money anyway) and finish the parkway. look at the jobs it will create over the next several years that could help our local economy. if you think the parkway is not needed apparently you haven't been on it. if you have traveled it then you must find it convenient. the county commission is not a commission of one (jim folts) but it needs to be reduced to at least eleven.

11/2/2011 12:56:15

Hi hof2003 - So you're saying we should just move the bottleneck further down the road to 321?

And are you also saying that creating a job is somehow a greater action than protecting property rights?

If 4 miles of asphalt, concrete, and steel is such a great idea for Blount County, would you advocate just paving the whole county? If not, why not?

11/2/2011 13:35:34

i would think linking one four lane highway into another four lane highway with the proper interchange is a lot better than a four lane road ending at a two lane highway. how would you create jobs? you seem to be basically anti-government and anti-capitalism. as far as property rights go i'll venture a guess that most of those affected property owners won't turn down the money for right of way acquisition or go to court to get more. i would also bet if you were around blount county when the first roads were being planned you would be against them. so your question about paving the whole county is simply laughable. and if libertarians would spend as much energy on the national level as you do on the local level it could become a viable third party just like the tea party.

11/3/2011 02:51:29

You said that it would create jobs, not me. I asked why you think that creating jobs is more important than protecting rights.

I hold the rights of the individual higher than any capitalist or market force (or government entity for that matter). This doesn't make me "anti-capitalist", it makes me principled.

And if every person whose land was affected didn't have any problem with it and voluntarily accepted the money or turned their land over to TDOT, I wouldn't really see a problem. The problem comes in when property owners object but are instead steam-rolled by Eminent Domain. Libertarians are against the initiation of force. And Eminent Domain is force.

And libertarians and libertarianism are all around you. But you're right, turning this into an election win is a challenge, but it's one that I'm ready to take on.

1/31/2012 21:20:09

Wow! I have really enjoyed this spar. I hope hof2003 makes another response. . .


1/31/2012 23:22:26

Bottom line, if they are wanting to use eminent domain then the people are against it. I travel both old knoxville highway and pellissippi every day. If you're in that much of a hurry to get somewhere, leave 30min earlier. And where are the facts showing that extending the highway would creat more jobs?


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