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Counterpunch - "Each year, Congress authorizes the budget of the Department of Defense through a National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The NDAA of 2012, however, is unlike any previous ones. This year’s legislation contains highly controversial provisions that empower the Armed Forces to engage in civilian law enforcement and to selectively suspend due process and habeas corpus, as well as other rights guaranteed by the 5th and 6th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, for terror suspects apprehended on U.S. soil. The final version of the bill passed the House on December 14, the Senate the following day (ironically, the 220th birthday of the Bill of Rights). It was signed into law by President Obama on New Year’s Eve. With his signature, for the first time since the Internal Security Act of 1950 and the dark days of the McCarthy era that followed, our government has codified the power of indefinite detention into law."

and from Politicol News:

"On another note, there is a piece of legislation that allows the US government the right to suspend US citizenship under the Enemy Expatriation Act. Again this is without benefit of a court room to prove their innocence or guilt, it is on a whim or an accusation, that these laws can be acted upon on any living person. The EE Act was designed by one Joe Lieberman, Independent from Conn., and Charles Dent Republican of of Penn., but John McCain’s name is all over both bills."

By the way Corker (R-TN) and Alexander (R-TN) both voted in favor of this.
Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney agree that there should be a path to citizenship...through the  military.

"A rare moment of agreement between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney during last week's GOP debate was on the DREAM Act. The bill, which has been languishing for years thanks to GOP opposition, would allow undocumented minors—brought to this country by their parents through no fault of their own—a path to citizenship if they pursued military service or a college degree. Both candidates endorsed the military service provision but rejected the college degree route."

How long until they make it a requirement for everyone?
Here's something that will really scare you this Halloween: For the first time since World War II, America's debt will surpass its GDP today. But keep on spending, Washington, we'll print more!!
A Southern California family was fined $300 for holding a Bible study in their own home. Why? Well, zoning of course! They had too many people in their house. Government uses zoning to control the population, so people are subject to the whims of
You might have thought the federal Transporation Security Administration (TSA) was just for airports. Well, history shows us that any federal agency will inevitably grow. Now the TSA is setting up checkpoints on Interstate I-40 in Tennessee. They are training truck drivers to report "supiscious" activity.

Had enough?
Despite a majority of Blount Countians disapproving of the Pellissippi Parkway Extension, our Mayor and Commission suggest "Route A" to TDOT.

Fifteen of our Republican commissioners voted to override your property rights and authorize Eminent Domain.
Gibson Guitar's manufacturing facility in Nashville, TN was recently raided by armed federal agents. They confiscated computers, pallets of wood, and guitars all because they claimed Gibson was using illegal wood.

Is this the proper role of government?

Come out and show your support for Gibson on Saturday, October 8th!
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