Should the Establishment be Worried? - Political Watch: Month In Review
September 15, 2010 - Christie O'Donnell wins primary. Christine O'Donnell is a Republican candidate for Congress from Delaware. Her victory over an established Republican incumbent has got a lot of people paying attention. Agree with her or not, she has some status-quo folks nervous.

This goes in hand with a recent survey which showed that 58% of Americans favor supporting a third party. After all the damage Republicans and Democrats have done to our country, do you blame them?
9/24/2010 14:40:15

I pondered for some time now, why Christine O'Donnell refuses to bring forth her Birth Certificate; because we ALL know that she isn't a natural born citizen.

Then the news came out that not only is she not an American, but she was dipped out of a witches cauldron on Halloween, and therefore has Satanic designs on Washington, DC. Maybe our Masonic brethren will win against her in November, and keep a non-human Satan worshipper out of congress. Amen.

9/25/2010 06:19:41

@Leftward Ho! - She might be a foreign witch but the real question is: How electable is she? ;)

10/24/2013 09:43:26

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